AICaller offers standard REST APIs to trigger AI phone calls to your users. Explore the documentation here and feel free to chat with us to get help.


All API endpoints are authenticated using API Key. You can use the AI Caller dashboard to generate your API keys. You need to send the API key value in the request header key aicaller-api-key like shown below.

"headers": {
  "aicaller-api-key": "YOUR_API_KEY"

Rate limits

We offer fair usage limits which is sufficient for most users. If you exceed the rate limit you will get status 429 in response to your request.

If you plan to have high volumes, you can chat with us to get help.

Supported languages

We currently support english language. We plan to add support for other languages in the near future.

Supported countries

We can call more than 100+ countries in the world. we can easily support more countries, please chat with us to get help.